Unknown Words — Words Collected 2003-2008

–> I feel that God is going to use you as a match to light both your school and Denver on FIRE! You’re going to do wonderful things for everyone.

–> I want you to be mine. Follow me and prosper. Fill others with the Holy Spirit. Be my servant and I will be yours. Follow me and prosper

–> I saw a picture of a torch burning in the darkness and that symbolizes you and how you will be a “Burning One” for God.

–> You are a conductor of the train. A leader God says you are a Pillar of Fire. Totally in love with Him. You will lead many to Christ because you are the pilot.

–> I really appreciated it when you were just continually encouraging us to press in more to God. You were an awesome example to all of us! (Youth Group at Bridgeway)

–> I keep hearing God saying “silent siege” and “life lover”. God is going to use you to bring new life to America. Through your life, there will be breakthrough.

–> Just wanted to say, I really regard you as a spiritual leader of this group. And seriously, I think that comes straight from your humility and willingness to serve the Lord. Cool stuff. (Lord says: “Beautiful Shannon. I know your name.”)

–> Well all that I’m getting right now is the word joy. And I think that the Lord smiles every time He sees you and He loves how joyous you are… so keep it up. Now it is okay to be sad once in a while, but don’t hide your smile whenever you are.

–> You are dedicated.

–> I see God dressing you in fire and that you are comfortable with fire – at home in Him, at home in fire. I see HIm putting you on fire. I see HIm putting you on fire and on public display – as a display of His glory. There is such a confidence and royalty and dignity about you. You are so beautiful in HIm, so gracious, so kind. I sense that you will be like a  Deborah in the Spirit – a judge and also a deliverer.


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