The Drive from the Call – San Diego, CA 2008

Jonah Mills –> Vision of me in San Diego: I saw this coat hanger in the end of the stadium of the Chargers. the coat hanger was as large as the goal posts on a normal day and it was bright orange. THen I saw a cloak/cloth/coat fall ont he hanger. THen I saw this hanger light up with electricity from a ¬†lightning bolt. Then the cloak and hanger were electrified.
Interpretation:  I feel like you are the coat hanger and that you were already at the goal line of the stadium because you were operating ou to victory already. Then the cloth being placed on you is a new mantle laid on you. Then the HOly Spirit came and electrified the mantle and hanger. (I think that goes back to my first encounter with the HOly Spirit..) As Jonah and Gabe were telling me about this new mantle, I was driving underneath Azusa Street while on the highway in L.A.

Jimmy Canali –> I think that you are going to be the next Patricia King. I see this Queenly thing about you. I feel like you’re going to be great in the Kingdom. You’re going to have an increase in the prophetic and authority. You are a prophetic eagle.

Jonah Mills –> I saw you in this queenly gown that was a soft pink color. This dress was completely made for you. It was a dress that was from years ago, like it was created and possibly worn by many other women in the past, but it was specifically made for you. It didn’t fit these women like it fits you. It has the anointings of these women, but it’s for you to wear.

Gabe: I feel like you need to stop saying “I could be wrong…” when giving a prophetic word to people. Stop giving disclaimers to the people when you’re prophesying. You have an accuracy when you prophesy, so have faith in what you hear. You hear clearly.


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