Che and Sue Ahn, Bill Johnson, Shawn Bolz and Kathy Vallotton Impartation Time – BSSM 3rd Year

I was soaking before Che and his wife Sue came over to be and I asked that the Lord would train me in how to live and function with money. I got a picture where I saw a mantle like a Jewish scarf deal was placed on my shoulders and it had dollar signs from all over the world on it. I heard the Lord say “You have a mantle to make wealth. Shannon, you have a knack for making wealth…” I looked up and Che was coming down our line. He said he was releasing the ability to make wealth, breaking a poverty spirit, and releasing and Apostolic blessing on each of us. He released it by placing his hand on my head. After I heard the Lord shout in my Spirit, “MAKE WEALTH! MAKE WEALTH! FUND MY KINGDOM! FUND MY KINGDOM!” That hit me really powerfully. I felt like the LOrd was shifting my perspective on finances tonight. We repented as a whole for small thinking and a poverty mindset. So I repented of that and then gave $70.00 as a sign to myself that I will not let a poverty mindset, greed, or materialistic mindsets keep me in a place of poverty and selfishness. After all of that, I got on my knees and prophetically took off the money mantle and laid it at His feet. I told Him that I don’t want it unless I can keep it at His feet. He then picked it back up and put it on my shoulders, but it changed from the Jewish style scarf to a sheer scarf with the same symbols on it. It was lighter on me on and in the Spirit. (His burden is light.) I really felt like tonight that the Lord gave me a word saying “Shannon, you ARE going to be a millionaire.” So I choose to believe what I heard, and receive the Apostolic blessing from Che Ahn on finances.

After all of that happening, everyone started lining up again, so I jumped back in line, and here comes Bill Johnson praying for impartation to everyone. I took it as another Apostolic anointing and blessing.

After that Lea, Ellie, and I got snarky drunk on the floor and tried to leave but it didn’t work. Lea went home, but Julianne, Camilla, Ellie and I peeked into the sanctuary and saw another impartation line. We were waiting to see who it was and the Presence just dropped on us like crazy. It happened to be Shawn Bolz doing impartation. So we waited, got the impartation, was slobbering drunk in the Spirit with Ellie on the floor and waited there. I got a picture of the Lord taking both Ellie and I up a tower, showing us this secret doorway that lead to a staircase of clouds to Heavenly higher levels. We sat up and then Kathy Vallotton came over and was super tipsy. She then put her hand on me and I was gone again. Slobbering drunk. Julianna and Ellie were howling with laughter and I was “Ho!ing” all around. It was great! Four (4) impartations tonight! Tonight I put a demand on Shawn’s anointing for Heavenly encounters and Che’s anointing for finances. This is the equipping time. So come train me Lord! It was one heck of a night! Thanks Jesus! Holy Spirit and Daddy!


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