Home Group Words – BSSM 3rd Year

Brittany –> I just saw the Lord hand you this book that was large and really old. You were trying to open it up but the Lord showed you that it wasn’t a normal book, but that it was a secret compartment. Inside it had all of these ideas and strategies of God. It had the mysteries of God in it. It contained all sorts of answers to the world’s problems and mysteries of God.

Alyssa –> I saw you and you fully are Royalty. Like it’s all over you. You’re a queen. You had this incredible crown and scepter in your left hand. I saw that the Lord has made this palace just for you and Him. I saw you go into the secret place and walked into this room, where you stepped into it and you changed into a little girl, still in your royal garments. I saw the Lord showing you the book that Brittany saw and I felt like the Lord is saying that you’ll enter into these things as a child. Some things can only be entered into as a child like the mysteries of God. Simplicity

Kate –> I thank you Lord for the history that Shannon has with you. Wow. Yeah. The history that she’s developed with You . I thank you that you’re the one who sets vision before her and that you stand always behind her, but that you are the one casting vision before her. That she doesn’t have to work for it, that you have her. I just bless her walk with You. That this think will be easy. Lord, just give her more joy in the process and show her how fun you are. Show her in the grocery store, the post office…. Let her have to pull over because she’s laughing so hard. Increase the joy she already has.  Show her how fun you are. Lord take her on encounters that are all in the Bible and let her fully experience them all in greater increase; like when thousands were defeated by the jaw bone and when Joshua had encounters. I bless these encounters and the ones to come! More encounters that will blow her away!

Alyssa –> Shannon, I saw the Lord take you into another room and it a was full of souvenirs from every encounter you’ve ever had. (I saw glass slippers and one of the pink dresses I wore in a Cinderella dream.) There were shelves full of souvenirs . Then I saw the Lord take you into another room where all of these time capsules were. Each time capsule had souvenirs from famous revivalists’ encounters with God and greater more. (I saw shoes – women’s shoes with a couple of buttons and bows on them. I think they’re Kathryn Kuhlman’s.) Boy, my hands were tingling and your hands are on fire!


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