Raising Baby from the Dead Dream – 1/14/11

I went into labor and had delivered two babies. One was healthy, big, happy, planned baby, but I delivered a second one that was unexpected and small. It was the size of my hand from palm to finger tips. The doctors had wrapped the big baby and were checking the small baby for a heartbeat with a heart monitor. They couldn’t identify the heartbeat. The doctors then turned and told the nurse to record the time of death, but I was not about to lose this baby. I shouted at the doctor, “Do something!” He replied, “There’s nothing we can do. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.” I said, “Yes, there is!” I put my hand on the baby’s chest and said “Live! in Jesus Name!” (While I was doing this, the thought crossed my mind of when Jim told me his story of raising the baby from the dead and how he imparted that to me._ After, I said this, I lifted my hand from the baby’s chest and its legs and arms started moving like a normal healthy baby. I said to the doctor “See!” and that was the end of the dream.

Thoughts: The thoughts I have right now is I wonder if the second baby was a baby. A dream that i was letting slip from, but when it was delivered to me, I was not about to let this (baby) dream die. I think it has to do with this thing of truly being a revivalist. Seeing nations changed by the power of God…


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