Library-Heavens Vision Home – BSSM 3rd Year

I just had a vision. I was taken to  where I was looking at this ancient library. It looked like no one had been in this library for thousands of years. Pages were strewn on the floor. The books were caked with dust. There was a soldier there with his sniper rifle and he was moving books off this shelf with his gun. Suddenly a book opened wide and a stream of light and colors poured our and across the air like a rainbow. There were pictures and symbols that I couldn’t make out. This startled the soldier. He started looking at it closely, but then stream appeared from the rainbow of light and color but then, like a vacuum, the stream started sucking the stream into the book once again. It seemed calm until the stream grabbed the end of the soldier’s belt and started pulling him into the book. Then he was sucked into he book and the cover closed. I looked over at the book to see the name and I thought I interpreted “Ins…” but I heard “Anomaly”? Strange. Then I started examining other books. I heart with my spirit man the the pages of the book are not the measurement of the weightiness that it carries. When I picked up a couple of books, they varied in weight. There were three that I attempted to hold but were extremely heavy hold and I dropped them to the floor. When they hit the floor, they didn’t stop. It was as if each book broke through the floor, opening three windows into a new realm. Each one looked as if your were looking into a night sky, full of starts and were light blue. I bent down and went to look through the window. When my face reached the window surface, it was like I was dipping my face into a body of water, but entering a new realm. When I felt this, I pushed my whole self through the window and suddenly I was swimming, but could breathe. It felt like I was swimming in the sky, but the atmosphere was thicker than air, not like humidity, but like water, but not as heavy as water. Some kind of substance filled the air, then I was pulled out to the vision.


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