Nations, Singing, Reformation Word – 2/24/11

When Bob Jones was beginning ministry time, I got to prophesy over Jeremy Riddle. I’m pretty sure it was an accurate word. He seemed pretty rocked by it. Then a woman behind me was getting hit with the Spirit, so I started praying for her. After I was done, she tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was with Bethel Music. I said “Yes” and she’s like “Okay.” I then asked her if she had gotten anything regarding that and she basically starts prophesying everything that’s in my heart.

“Anointing… You have a great anointing on your life… I see nations… that you have an anointing for the nations… that you are receiving something here to take and release into the nations… My husband and I were mentored by a man named Dr. Cho in Korea, who has the largest church in Korea. I give you what He gave us, (I felt like that was an anointing for healing and gathering people.) Incredible anointing . I see you bringing reformation to the nations. You have such a pure heart, clean hands and a pure heart. One who is simply pure before Him. A worshipper of Spirit and truth. She will know what it looks like to be a worshipper in Spirit and Truth. Its the heart of David, worshipping in purity. You have a sweetness to the purity of God. Singer. You’re a singer who will worship in Spirit and truth. Singing to the nations… You have such an anointing; you don’t think you do, but you do. You do! I see like you’re a “Deborah” in the Spirit. (I thought of the political realms at that point.)

She later prayed that the lies of the enemy would be silenced and that my angels would do warfare for me when I’m in battle. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Amazing. Thank you Lord for setting that up for me. That was perfect. Thanks Daddy. She was an amazing woman and heard your word. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I love you Daddy!

Her name was Rachel Dressel – She recommended – 4 Dimensions by Dr. Cho


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