Dad Construction/Walking “Home” Dream – 3/7/11

So I remember having a dream within a dream. I had had a dream where Krystin was in it and had woken in my dream.  I was standing at the top of the hill of Bethel and was telling my Dad about how I had had dreams with everyone of our family members in it in the last two days. In the dream, I was thinking there was some prophetic meaning behind that, and I was looking for some guidance regarding that. I remember that I was wearing pajamas as I was talking to him. I noticed that he was distracted a bit by this project that was going on at the bottom of Bethel’s hill. It was some kind of construction that he was involved in. I realized that either I needed to help of that I needed to go home, and that’s when I realized that I was wearing pajamas still and that I had no way to get home. So I started walking home in my pajamas down the hill towards Churn Creek Road. I was thinking that whoever drove past would be wondering why I was in pajamas as I walked home. (There were flashes of Mexico in the dream too…)

Interpretation: I think it’s meaning is that I was dreaming about my family again. Dreaming in the natural for what they could be. When I woke up, I went to my Father (both my Father in Heaven and Dad on Earth) and asked him about the reasoning for the coincidence of dreaming of my family. He, my Father was in the process of something being built at the bottom of Bethel’s hill, (bottom of Bethel’s movement?). I felt as I was writing the dream down, it was significant that the construction represented Bridgeway and what God was building there. I felt that my earthly Dad would be a main instigator of this project. I think the representation of me standing on the hill looking down on this project means that I’m overseeing what the Father’s construction plans were for Bridgeway even though hey may not be able to see it. I also felt that being in pajamas represented a state of rest, that my dreams for family were to happen in rest and the walking down the hill and walking home, is a picture of me walking in rest, to home, to Colorado…



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