Mary Wiens and Rachel Wiens Dream/Cannonball Dream – 3/22/11

Scene 1:Mom and I were in a Wal-Mart at the McDonald’s inside. We were talking about something. I said something about the possibility of Mary and Rachel coming to Wal-Mart that day. As I said it, I looked out the window that faced the parking lot and I saw Rachel wheeling Mary in a wheelchair. I waved and she waved excitedly back. Rachel came in with Mary and Mary was dealing with cancer still. Her hair had been good, eye lashes, eyebrows, and hair was gone. She was plumper too. I was really emotional over seeing her that way and seeing that she was still alive. We talked about something the four of us. I also remember sitting on Mary’s lap crying over her being alive and her condition. Rachel was beautiful, her age now.

Scene 2: I was at some kind of honor ceremony and I had been called out to be honored. We were next to a pool where there were girls in bikinis “tanning” during this ceremony. I was fully clothed, but when they called my name out to be honored, I walked up and jumped in the pool to “cannonball” water on this one girl who I knew didn’t like me. When I jumped in, initially I didn’t want to make a splash. But then I started creating splashes to splash her. I finally did. She was frustrated and I laughed. Then I jumped on the side of the pool to get out and it was like I wasn’t wet at all.


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