Wisdom, Beauty, Influence, Dreams Word – Christal Stevens

“I just saw you carry yourself with so much royalty and God’s presence is on you and I felt like there’s a beauty that the world is going to recognize, that it’s different than that the beauty that the world promotes. The picture that I had was almost like a modelling, like a catwalk or whatever. I saw you walking down that aisle and next to you was another aisle and there was a woman who was worldly and kind of immodest. It was like everyone’s eyes when they saw you both walk down, everyone’s eyes were on you. It was like they saw the other and they saw the other being “cheap and empty”. It was what they saw what you were carrying was true beauty. It’s like the eyes of even those who don’t know the Lord are on you because they see something in you that is different and that’s pure and that’s powerful. So you really do, you really do carry yourself in a way that catches the attention of people and draws them towards the Lord and towards the Kingdom. It draws them to what is right, what’s pure, and what’s good. So that’s good.

I just see a gift of wisdom on you. You probably have had this word before. Wisdom beyond your years. There’s gonna be people who will come and people who are older and are in places of a lot of influence. They are going to come to you and be like “what do you think about this?” It’s like the Lord is gonna give exactly what you need at the moment because you’re already cultivating that relationship with Him day to day. It’s not like in that moment you’ll be like “oh no! What do I say?” It’s gonna flow from you so naturally because you’re just hanging out with Him and in His presence. What you need is already built into you, it’s just who you are and half of the time it’s going to be like people will not need to ask you questions , but they will watch the way that you respond. It’s kinda like Pastor Bill, when He’s going through something and you just watch what he does and that’s how you learn. You don’t have to have a conversation with him and you just know what to do because you see what he does. You’re one of those kinds of people that people can look to and be like, something will happen and they’ll be like “How’s she gonna respond?” And so you’re really a leader. You’re really someone who sets the tone. People are watching you, that’s not to put pressure on you, but it’s this place of influence that God has put you in.

This is kind of random, but I saw Juvenile Hall. Just kids who have kind of messed up their lives and I saw you having influence with people like that particularly guys. It was almost these guys needed to see a woman who carried herself in purity and who was worthy to be respected. It was like I saw them receiving healing and a whole new paradigm of who to treat women through their friendship with you and/or their contact with you. I don’t know exactly. I’m not saying you’re going to have a prison ministry or anything. it was just that group of people.

I saw you on the beach and you were just bare foot and it was a real peaceful scene. The wind was blowing and you were just enjoying the beauty of God and HIs creation. It’s a season of enjoyment with God. god is going to take your creativity to new levels. That it’s a time to create and to dream and just be and enjoy. From that, there will be a lot of powerful things that will happen and to enjoy that season with Him.


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