Family at Easter and Disneyland Dream – 5/6/11

Scene 1: I was in this old family mansion that seemed to be Grandpa Clark’s for Easter. I remember there were a lot of dark wood, libraries, vaulted ceilings. I was trying to get the family to go out to eat for Easter but there was this older gentleman with dark hair, glasses, tall hair (looked like guy from “Whose Line is it Anyway”).  He would come and tell me that it would not work out having the family go out because my grandfather had double-pneumonia (apparently), but he looked fine to me. He had energy, wasn’t coughing, very much his normal self. Every time I would try and talk to this guy, (he was apparently Grandpa’s nurse/doctor), he would tell me that going out would not work. He was very smug though that his words were the final words. Eventually Easter came and I was trying to get ready for the day, dressing up but I couldn’t find certain things that I wanted to wear. I was looking for necklaces (gold ones), etc.

Scene 2: I was at the dinner table with the family, but the table was full of “family members” that I had never seen before. I was stuck on the left corner of the table and I noticed Krystin was sitting on the right side of the table next to her “husband” and we began to eat. Then Krystin got up and suddenly the servants of the house moved her meal which was on a paper plate next to me on the corner where there wasn’t very much room already. I still scooted over for her. She then made the comment “… that’s why I feel comfortable moving here and seeing my husband sit me with another woman.” I looked and there was a woman sitting where where Krystin was talking to her husband (Sean).

Scene 3: Then suddenly we were at this courtyard-covered-picnic-table area at Disneyland. The family and I were here (immediate family). We were eating pizza that was as the box (corner to corner pizza). The family grabbed a couple slices and there was a quarter of pizza left when I went to grab a third slice. After eating, I guess I grabbed the pizza box and went looking for Rachel Wiens. (She and I previously had a conversation that she let me know she’d be at Disneyland at the time.) I walked out of the courtyard to a place where there another courtyard and entrance into Disneyland.


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