Doctor and Operation Dream – 5/9/11

I was a doctor at this hospital where I had an older patient who was in a coma and who on life-support. My dad was a doctor too who had the same patient. He wanted to take this older woman off of life-support because it had been a while since she had been coherent. Her family was around her, but she was still in a coma. They were acting as if we were about to pull the plug. The room that she was in was this large room with other people in it. The room had tall ceilings and dark blue painted walls. It felt like a private library that someone would have in their mansion. Dark wood on the walls and ceiling. I knew that it wasn’t time for her to be taken off of life-support because she was about to wake up. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that she wasn’t supposed to be unplugged yet. I argued with my dad over the issue but ended up making the call. When I went back into the room where the patient was, she was awake and sitting up in bed with her family. She looked a whole lot better and she was ready to leave the hospital. (She was a spunky kind of woman, but she still was hooked up to all of the oxygen and life-support machines.)

Scene 2: Dad had left without me initially and because I don’t have a car to leave the hospital, my older patient offered me a lift. I called dad while we were in the car and started directing him to meet me at the nearest gas station because this woman needed gas. She was at a quarter tanks. Somehow he ended up following behind her. I then got off of the phone and told her to get off at the nearest gas station. She initially missed a 76 Station and I asked her why she passed it. She said something like she was going to the next one. She was a bit of a crazy driver. She then pulled off at a red gas station like a Phillips gas station. (He was going to pick me up from the gas station.)


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