Praying for the Blind Dream – 8/12/11

Scene 1: I was going backpacking with my dad and so I had a backpack on my back and we were walking. We were going to be meeting Lea and her dad later, but we had decided on a trail that we both kinda knew. We had to walk alongside a paved road to get to this trailhead. We saw this trailhead come up along side this condo that was light blue with dark blue trim. Dad decided that he wanted to see the view from the balcony of this place, so he laid his big orange cylinder back on the ground and ran up to the balcony. He started looking off the balcony when this Black man in his forties stepped outside. He had about three (3) inch messy dreads and he was blind. His eyes looked very white with just the pupil in it. It seemed creepy and I think I knew it was demonic influenced. My dad introduced himself, then I yelled at them both something like “Blind eyes be opened and see.” The older man stepped back startled and I ran to the balcony after dropping my bag with my dad’s bag. My dad started asking him questions like “Did you see something?” The guy responded, “Yes, it was a flash and shadows.” I knew God was moving and I felt there was an urgency to this scenario. All of the sudden, we were inside and there were a few more people who were ironically getting ministered to by others. The older Black man changed now into a white woman in her forties. I went to start praying for her (and she started manifesting, so I bound a blind and deaf spirit and started talking to her.) She had gotten healed, her eyes, but then she started saying “This isn’t my doctor’s diagnosis…” and she started to lose her healing, but then I asked her “Do you want to be healed?” She wouldn’t answer me. So I changed tactics. I began to prophesy to her. I got a word of knowledge and asked her if she was a teacher. She said, “No, but I always wanted to be…” So I prophesied over her about that. Then I moved to this gentleman in his fifties who was balding and had glasses. Clean shaven and a sweater vest on. We started praying for him and he was very receptive towards me and whomever was ministering with me.


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