Sarah Northup’s Ship Word

Shannon, I think I see a word for you. I saw you as you were on a journey, like how we are all on a journey, but you were like a ship heading into this orient tunnel, like a Venetian tunnel you’d see in Italy. It was dark, and you were a bit nervous, but it’s only a season in which, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. On the other side of this tunnel is open wide seas. It’s wider than you think that will lead you around the world. I also see you hitting and stopping at ports along the way where you will receive things to carry to the nations. You’re like a merchant ship and you have to stop at these ports to get what you need to give out to the nations. Along these ports, you’ll meet ambassadors, emperors, and high people, but it’s nothing to worry about. Everything will fall into place. You are seaworthy and you’re a respectable sea captain. God I thank you for this vessel for the nations. God, I ask that any purposelessness would dissolve in Jesus Name. That she would see your purposes in every port in Jesus Name. I bless her. Bless this vessel.


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