Your Voice Needs to Be Heard Word

Max prayed for me tonight for more Fire, more on my Life. He said something with a great harvest coming soon to my life. Then he started praying that every lost thing be restored. (This was when things were falling apart with my parents.) As he was praying for that, I saw a picture of my brother and my sister…. Then he prayed that the anointing of the Psalmist be restored from the enemy seven (7) fold. I got a picture of my father’s anointing being passed on to me from the enemy. I got massively hit by the Presence when he prayed that. I realized that is was something that had been stolen in my family because of disappointment from my dad and my sister abdicating their positions. I felt something shift in me. Then he started declaring songs to come out of me like Heaven songs. Songwriting. Psalms to the Lord.

Then a woman named Amy heard me singing and started to prophesy. She said that I have a unique voice that is beautiful. “So pleasant to listen to. Lord I see you opening up doors for her and her voice. I ask that you’d open up opportunities for her to be able to sing. She has a song from deep within her that needs to be heard. Create opportunities and open doors for her to sing this song to people. You have a voice like Steffany but different, unique in its own talent and skill. You have a voice like … Brooke from Morning Star. She has this really different voice and worship style but it’s beautiful and you are like her. Not in style of what she and you carry. I see this picture of a present, you have a gift of getting people’s pain, reshaping it and transforming it into something beautiful inside this present. You have that same gift in your voice to transform people’s pain into something beautiful and it needs to be heard. Wow! He’s going to make a way for you and your voice through the desert. He’s going to open the doors.” She said that this season is of hiddenness with You. You hearing my voice and that I’m like a Hymnist creating time in the secret place for just you and me, with us singing together.

I feel so special Lord that you think my voice is beautiful and made to be heard. You want to hear my voice. Thanks for the affirmation in this! Now I KNOW that I”m made to sing you praises and I WILL NOT doubt that again. You’ve spoken it twice and I believe it now. You spoke it therefore it is.

So now I’m going to prophesy to my own voice. You are going to create melodies and songs that have not been heard before and you will create songs, hymns, anthems and psalms that will impact the Lord’s heart and transform His people. You will sing to the broken hearted and they’ll be healed. Cancer will dissolve, dead raised, lame walk, blind see, deaf hear, limbs created by the sound of your voice. Multitudes will be saved, healed, set free, and become burning ones because of your voice. You’ll sing the songs of Daddy’s heart. You’ll sing the songs that please His heart. It’s about learning to sing the song that He’s already singing and sing a duet with Him. Sing His songs from Heaven. Heavenly sounds. Creativity and ease in songs. Your voice will know keys, theory, songs, and sound clearly. Clear tones. Clear melodies. Catchy melodies. Blessing and miracles in your voice. Learn your voice well, for it will be the transforming instrument in people’s lives. The glory will descend and Heaven will come to Earth. Choirs of angels singing with your lead. Beyond your hopes and dreams. Beyond, beyond, beyond. May the desires of your heart come to pass!


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