Lou Engle Blessing and Dress Dream – 4/29/17

Scene 1: I was in Europe in Paris at a park with Lou Engle and his whole family. There were a lot of family members there. For the most part, I remember there were a lot of young women my age that were his daughters. We had been at the park to enjoy the day and weather together. It was as though I was hosting them. I was with Lou and we were picking up last minute items (toys, balls, park activity things, etc.) around the park at the end of the day. We were walking around and I’m pretty sure I was talking to Lou about how fun it was to be in Venice, of other dreams I’ve been having, and also about revival across the region. (I remember flashes of memories of us walking around Venice’s streets and near the waterways. I remember having flashes of a memory of being in a boat with the family.)

We eventually walked over to this wooden picnic bench and sat down together. We continued talking and then he started praying over me and blessing me. He started saying “I bless the Prophetic Spirit that is on you…” I was really concerned about having it recorded, that I started fumbling around with my phone and was trying to get the voice recording app up. I for some reason couldn’t find it. He then said “Have you tried your voice memos… You usually can record it from there.” I was like “Oh yeahhh….” So I started fumbling with it again and couldn’t get it to work. Eventually I just put it down and had him pray over me. I don’t remember him saying anything more.

Scene 2: The whole family and I were in the airport in London to go back to the States. We had bought flights, but it was as if we were on Standby because we weren’t sure when our flight time would be. We were wandering around the airport and then they called our names for a flight that seemed to be A LOT earlier than what we first had thought. We got on the airplane and it was as if we were in a “military” style airplane in such a way where the seats were facing each other along either side of the plane. There was a long table either in the middle or in front of each seat. (It’s hard to explain seeing as it was as if it was a long country style dinner table, but either it would change into where there was an aisle in the middle and change back.) We sat down, the whole Engle family with the girls, and we were all having a good time on the flight. We were sitting in our seats and the stewardess’ started serving our meal for the flight. The stewardess asked me if I wanted the chicken and I said yes. My expectation was a typical individualized meal in a plastic container like what is normal for a flight, but what they gave us white plates and served full blown chicken breast. It was quite gourmet. It would be like something that we would have served at the country club. I was really surprised by it and mentioned something to the girls about it.

Almost suddenly, the Pilot got on the radar and started telling us that we were in Denver and were about to land. (I looked outside our window and it reminded me of a flight I had taken to New York, where the landing strip was really short and we had to make a really quick decent. I mentioned this to one of the family next to me. I also thought about how the stewardess’ were just serving our meal and I wondered if the whole plane got served or if they had to stop halfway through. I basically convinced myself by saying “Well these stewardess’ know this route. They probably were able to serve the whole plane.”) We were all really surprised on the quickness of the decent and how fast we had arrived in Denver. The flight dipped really quickly and we landed.

We started deboarding the plane and I got off rather quickly with one of Lou’s kids. It was a guy in his 40’s with salt and pepper hair. We walked off the platform and walked through this dress boutique laid out in the style of a “Duty Free” store. At first I saw the dresses, but ignored them and walked past. As he and I got to the end of the store, I said, “Wow! I can’t believe how fast we got here!” He responded by saying “When we were in London, I asked the counter if there was any way for us to be bumped up to an earlier flight. They said that they would see what they could do and then we got called up for the next flight!” He continued walking, but I stayed behind to wait for a couple of Lou’s kids.

They got caught up in trying on dresses. So I walked down and noticed this gorgeous dress. It was a peacock blue dress. It was gorgeous. It was sweetheart cut with folds in the bodice that mirrored itself on the breasts. It was empire waisted and then came out like an “A” line dress.  In the empire waist there was a section of different colored fabric (orange). It also had cap sleeves. I looked through these dresses and started looking for my size. A first, I couldn’t find it in the same style (there were other dresses in the same color and relatively similar style but a little different) and I was a little bummed out. I then found one in my size (size 6) and grabbed it. I showed it to Lou’s kids (3 blonde girls and 1 medium black toned guy) and they told me I had to try it on. So I started changing into it, but as I was changing I noticed there were like three different dress layers to change into for this dress. I got confused on how it was supposed to be tried on, so I started with this blue and red patterned dress (kinda the indian hipster look) that was light cotton and that seemingly didn’t fit quite right. I took that off and looked at the other layers. I saw this red lingerie corset with black lace kind of dress and I thought to myself “Oh! This must be the first part to try on and what I just tried on was the second part.” So I was there and was getting antsy over how long it was taking me to try to try on this dress. I eventually was like “Okay! I’m going to just try on the third piece and see if it fits and then leave.” I started getting into the third part of this dress and it was a light yellow color. It had a bodice that was like a long corset with a high circular strapless top. The bodice went down to my hips and then it was a chiffon bottom with the same color. I started putting on this dress and at first it didn’t seem like it would fit either. I had one of the girls come over and help me zip it up and it zipped up with a little bit of effort. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t the dress that I had started out with at all. It fit well, but it was tight and it made look good, but I noticed that I couldn’t fill out the boobs in the top of this dress. I concluded that all three parts of this dress, when worn together made up the dress I had picked out and had to be worn in a specific way. (Even though all three items would not naturally make up the dress I had picked out even if the dress: black and red corset bottom, blue hipster dress, and this yellow ball gown.)


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