Luke Gregory Dream – 5/20/17

I don’t remember much about this dream other than I was at some event with Luke Gregory (the Youth Pastor over at Red Rocks Church in Arvada). He and I were talking and it was very comfortable in the dream. He was talking to me as though we were early friends/acquaintances. I remember him saying something to me playfully about the party we were at and/or something about the communication that I had tried to have with him when it came to connecting. I said, “Oh well I’m really glad you’re okay. I was hoping it didn’t seem like it was super… ‘stalkerish'”. He responded, “Oh no! It wasn’t that at all. You were… perfect. It was more that I have had a lot going on.”

I don’t remember anything else, but I felt very comfortable in my own skin near him and he seemed totally at rest too. It was really nice to just be chill and not be “on” for anyone. It was very easy to talk to him.


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