Light bulb

20170608_205656Okay. So I’m at the Franklin a house doing worship and they had us grab an object that spoke to us. I grabbed the light bulb and didn’t even look at anything else in the box. I knew the light bulb was mine.

Why did you know Shannon?

Its because it’s always been me. There’s never not been a time that that wasn’t me. Even if I was walking my own way, it doesn’t determine the nature of who I iam. A light bulb that’s not screwed in, is still a light bulb. Just because it is not doing its function, it’s who it is. It still hold up the capacity of light. Whether it shines or not, it holds that value. It’s fragile but powerful… Just like your heart. Your life is gentle and fragile and has an ability to be broken, but is so powerful when it is placed into the power source. Shannon you are meant to be the light that shines, not to be a light bulb out of the socket. You are meant to be screwed in, not easily removed from the power source. It is intentionally placed to be shining. When a light bulb is in its power source, it stands alone, but it lights up every dark and hidden place. It reveals. Your life is meant to reveal. Reveal darkness. Reveal my heart. Reveal.


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